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triathlon & ENDURANCE 


endurance sport ?

Having a great physique is a game changer. You are comfortable in your own skin, you go shirtless in beaches and post physique updates in Instagram. But that is where it all ends. If you think having a great physique means you are fit, you could not be more wrong. A true test of being fit is enduring physical stress and improving that threshold. That is where endurance sports comes in. SWIM, BIKE, RUN. Being proficient in the water and land is something that will truly test your physical and mental fortitude. 


why ironman Triathlon?

A Triathlon is an event with three (TRI) disciplines. SWIM, BIKE AND RUN. In that order. 

- Ironman 70.3 is a 1.9km swim + 90km cycle + 21km run 

- The Ironman is a 3.8 km swim + 180 km cycle + 42 km run

When I was purely bodybuilding, I used a few triathlon events here and there just to try something new. I did not train for them specifically. Just took a rented bike and just had fun with it. I could barely swim, used to jog just for post workout cardio and cycled to the gym where I trained my clients and back. This was my training. Once it was announced that the Ironman 70.3 would be held for the first time in India in Goa in 2019, I decided to sign up for it. I did train a little more seriously albeit by myself. After an amazing experience, I decided this was my true calling and realized with proper guidance and hard work, I can make proper strides in this sport. This is when I started training with Powerpeaks Athlete Lab. I could never have dreamed of the improvements I have made in one year of training with them. On my quest now to be truly elite in this sport and qualify for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.   



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