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" Training with Anirudh has been really fun. If you watch Football, he loves discussing about it and even the leg days will get over in a jiffy. He's very supportive and methodical in his instructions. He understands your requirements well and focuses on workouts accordingly. He'll push you only to the right amount and never over-do stuff. I still keep in mind the small posture checks he always used to repeat. He's a trainer you would always want to continue working with! I actually extended my training program to learn more from his training "





" I was Anirudh's online client for a few months and thoroughly enjoyed training under him. Felt a very strong bond with him . A very very inspiring character, absolutely no doubt about that. His achievements speak for themselves. Really helped my football performance by elevating me SnC "





" In gyms we always come across a bunch of trainers who are trying to get a new client. They somehow look the part but most of them are shockingly conventional in their approach to fitness. Thank god for Anirudh!!!
I trained with him for a couple of months and its the most fun I've had working out. It was a lot of hard work, no short cuts with this guy but the end of each session felt like a little victory. He's always beside you, pushing you to the best of your ability and is really invested in your success. I was probably the strongest when I worked out with him cuz he made sure of that. The best part is that here's a trainer who totally practices what he preaches, is so disciplined about his own health and never gives up on you. More power to you Anirudh and I sure hope to train with you again, soon! "






" Anirudh was my personal trainer for a few months. The results I achieved were largely due to his perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle! "





" I had been working out for an year. Decided to hire a personal trainer to help me follow working out the right way. Anirudh was my first personal trainer.  
Online training felt more like one on one session.  Had regular form checks, 24*7 availability to clear doubts, and weekly checks in made it so much easier. 
Learnt a lot and eventually saw myself transforming weekly. Thanks a lot Anirudh! "


Naveen Kosigi

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